Arcane Chemistry
Scented candles infused with our very own Kashmiri Chai green tea blend! The aroma contains warming spice notes of cardamom and clove combined with the floral notes of lavender and hints of almond. Arcane Chemistry makes natural and clean burning...
A chashaku is a bamboo scoop for measuring the perfect amount of matcha powder. Chashaku are appreciated for their beauty as well as their function.
Matcha green tea whisk (chasen) handmade from a single piece of bamboo that has been split into 80 prongs. The perfect tool when whisking matcha into a delightfully frothy and delicious drink. Dimensions: 4.5" height, 2.5" diameter. Comes in a...
This blue porcelain matcha whisk stand is not only the perfect place to store your matcha whisk but will also extend its life, allowing the whisk to dry and maintain its shape. *Whisk not included.
A great gift for your favorite tea drinker, whether that is a friend or yourself! 12-oz ceramic mug Matte black exterior, white interior Microwave and dishwasher safe
A helpful and elegant tool to break apart your puerh cakes and bricks without damaging the tea leaves.