Herbal Gift Sampler Set

Tea Samplers

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Bring some variety into the life of your favorite herbal tea drinker. Enjoy the all of the flavor without any of the caffeine. Those who love drinking tea into the evening will love this herbal gift set!  Each 2-oz sample makes 22 (8 ounce) cups of brewed tea. That's 110 cups of tea per set!

Click on each tea to view more details, ingredients list, and brewing instructions.



African Grey Herbal Tea

South African rooibos scented with oil of bergamot citrus, hyssop and sweet bee pollen. Our caffeine-free version of a timeless classic.


Feel Better Herbal Tea Blend

A trifecta of mint-inspired perfection. Peppermint and spearmint from Washington blended with citrusy Australian lemon myrtle.


Golden Fire Herbal Tea

A very spicy, turmeric tea with cinnamon, cloves, honeybush, and pepper. Warming to the body and spirit. Delicious served with milk.


Mapache Herbal Tea

Roasted dandelion root, earthy burdock, chocolaty carob and chicory create an herbal blend that tastes so much like coffee we surprised ourselves! An excellent coffee alternative that shines both as a hot brew or an iced latté.


Ruby Nectar Herbal Tea

A perfectly pink, fruity brew of sweetness and tartness. We blend greenbush, hibiscus, and bee pollen with cranberry and pink grapefruit. Thirst-quenching and absolutely fantastic over ice!