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Herbal Blend
Rooibos, orange zest, citrus essential oils, and chamomile, when combined, make for a lively, very fruity blend. The flavor of chamomile in combination with rooibos and citrus transforms into a...
Jasmine Pearl Kits
The Jasmine Pearl Starter Kit has all the essentials for someone just getting into loose leaf tea. The kit contains a durable stainless steel infuser, a teaspoon, and a tin to hold your...
Jasmine Pearl Kits
This mini version of our Kashmiri Chai Gift Set includes a 2.5-oz canister of our Kashmiri Chai Green Tea and a Kashmiri Chai Scented Candle by Arcane Chemistry. Comes with gift bag and tissue...
Green Tea Blend
NEWLY REFORMULATED! Fragrant jasmine green tea is paired with tart, citrusy lemongrass to create a solid base. A hint of citrus essential oil then rounds out its bright, floral notes. Smooth and low...

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