Dehong Ye Sheng Raw Puerh Mini Cake

Puerh Tea

China (Yunnan)
2013 Vintage
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Our tasters all agree that this slightly astringent tea has notes of stone fruit, smoke, clay, and sea. The tea leaves for this cake were harvested in 2012, and pressed into cakes in 2013. This tea was plucked and processed by the Liu family from a plot they tend and care for. The brew leaves a lingering flavor similar to that left by grapefruit rind—a pleasing, full tingliness.


Raw (Sheng) Chinese Puerh Tea.

Brewing Instructions

8 oz Cup

  1. Break off approximately one heaping teaspoon of puerh into infuser.
  2. Heat water to 190° F (before boiling).
  3. Pour 8 oz. of hot water over tea leaves.
  4. Steep for 3-10 minutes (depending on taste preference).
  5. Remove infuser and enjoy tea. Can be steeped three or more times.

Puerh teas can be brewed multiple times. Re-steep the same leaves, gradually increasing the infusion time until the leaves no longer yield a full flavor.


As above, you will need to break off as many teaspoons of dry leaf into your infuser as cups you wish to drink. Next, place the infuser in your pot and fill the pot with the appropriate amount of 190°-to-boiling water and let it sit for 3 to 10 minutes, depending on how dark & strong you want your brew. If cooler water is used or the steeping time is kept to 3 minutes, the same leaves can be infused 3 times. Remove the infuser before drinking and be sure to watch how strong the brew is going!

Puerh teas typically have as much, if not more caffeine than black teas.