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All tea—whether black, green, white, puerh, or oolong—hails from the leaves of a single plant: Camellia sinensis.

The difference among tea styles results from the ways in which the leaf is handled after harvesting and its degree of oxidation. Green tea, for example, is heated to stop oxidation and preserve a green color and vegetal taste. On the other hand, black tea is encouraged to fully oxidize, darkening in color and developing a fuller, heavier flavor.

All JP teas are loose leaf. Whole, loose leaf teas are a less processed, higher grade leaf—lending fresher, fuller, and more vibrant flavor than their teabag counterparts. Tea leaves need room to unfurl and release their natural oils and aroma; this process is referred to as the "agony of the leaf". By choosing loose leaf, you get a richer cuppa', often yielding multiple servings from the same leaves. Additionally, loose leaf does not require sachets—which means you pay for exceptional product and not wasteful packaging.

All teas and ingredients used at The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co. can be traced from the farm or facility at origin, through every step of warehousing, preparation, and packaging, all the way to distribution to our end customer—that’s you! We strive to direct-source whenever possible and work with trusted suppliers and tea producers around the globe—including China, Taiwan, Japan, India, South Africa, and Sri Lanka.

Pictured is the tea farm in Colombia where we have sourced past teas.

A Colombian Tea Farm


Although The Jasmine Pearl Tea Co. is no longer a Certified Organic blending facility we still source and utilize primarily certified organic ingredients and we remain committed to clean, safe, and healthy products.

We always start with exceptional tea, period. Fresh and often organic, we blend on-site using ingredients such as spices, herbs, all-natural flavoring, and oils, to create the finest flavor combinations possible. We won’t sell tea that we wouldn’t drink ourselves. We also adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices that meet state and federal food safety regulations. Daily operations, including sanitary operations, are documented as part of our Food Safety Program.

All blends are The Jasmine Pearl’s own proprietary creations. Whether it be in-house roasting of our chai spices or sourcing exquisite Italian bergamot oil for Earl Grey, our blends range from the totally unique to inspired versions of classics—each handcrafted by us.

To keep your teas fresh, they are best kept in opaque, air-tight containers and stored in a cool, dry environment.

For optimum flavor and enjoyment, we recommend that you drink your teas within 6-8 months of the purchase date. After a year, teas with blending ingredients such as lavender, rose petals, or essential oils, may begin to lose some of their initial boldness but are still safe to brew.

All "true" tea (that come from the Camellia sinensis plant) contains caffeine. Caffeine in tea is chemically identical to the caffeine found in coffee, however, on average tea contains less per serving. Caffeine levels do vary between tea types and can differ from season to season. Thus, we do not test our teas for their specific caffeine content.

It is our opinion that the overall quality and integrity of tea is compromised in the process of decaffeination, so we do not carry decaffeinated teas. However, we do offer a variety of herbal blends (or 'tisanes') which are naturally caffeine-free. These are made up of herbs, dried fruit, and other botanical ingredients; as they do not contain any part of the Camellia sinensis plant, they are most often caffeine-free (though there are a few exceptions such as the popular South American herb, Yerba Mate).


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Wholesale teas are offered in resealable bulk packaging in 1 lb. increments. One pound of dry tea leaf will make approximately 195 (8-oz) servings.

We offer a limited selection of 2-oz bags as case packs. Case packs are sold in packs of eight (no mixed packs). The Matcha Latté case pack is sold in 4-oz bags.

Note that all JP teas are loose leaf (no teabag packaging is available).

Alternative Packaging Options

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