For us, matcha isn’t a fad.

Matcha isn’t just tea. It’s an experience that begins with tea leaves grown and harvested with extraordinary care.
We are committed to sourcing only 100% pure matcha. Learn more about our matcha here.

Green Tea
First Flush Matcha is perfect for those who love to cook with this powdered green tea. Use it in smoothies, baked goods and any other recipes you can think of! Matcha is made of fine young tea leaves, shaded for 2-3 weeks, then plucked, heated,...
Green Tea Blend
Matcha Latte is a blend of fine Japanese matcha, fruit pectin, and sugar. Matcha is made from fine, tender young tea leaves, shaded for 2 - 3 weeks, then carefully - and selectively - plucked, heated to prevent oxidation, slowly dried using low heat,...