Chai Gift Sampler Set

Tea Samplers

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If you know someone who likes a little spice in their life, you know someone who will love this chai gift set. An assortment of classic and adventurous chai blends will keep them cozy all season long! Each 2-oz sample makes 22 (8 ounce) cups of brewed tea. That's 110 cups of tea per set!

Click on each tea to view more details, ingredients list, and brewing instructions.



Chaz' Chai Black Tea

This flavorful and zesty blend is our own recipe—organic Assam black tea blended with hand-roasted spices provides a delightful twist on an Indian tradition.


Burnside Chai Tea

This decadent blend combines house-roasted spices with malty Indian black tea, ripe Chinese puerh, and ginger. A vibrant, full-bodied chai with a smooth and spicy finish.


Dark Forest Pacific Northwest Chai

A Pacific Northwest version of a chai, this herbal tea combines the sweet fullness of chicory, nutmeg, cacao, ginger, and a hint of rosemary.

*Contains cacao which has trace amounts of caffeine.


Kashmiri Green Tea Chai

Our unique twist on a Kashmir tea! Hearty Gunpowder green tea blended with spicy cardamom, peppercorns, and cloves sweetened with amaretto and a hint of lavender.


Red Chai

A caffeine-free herbal version of the classic Indian spice tea. We blend hearty red South African rooibos with house-roasted whole spices for a warm, decadent cup of tea for any time of day.