Jasmine Lemongrass

While supplies last
JP Signature Blend


Available from April to August while supplies last.

Fragrant jasmine green tea is paired with tart, citrusy lemongrass to create a solid base. A hint of citrus essential oil then rounds out its bright, floral notes. Smooth and low in astringency, our new reformulation makes a delightful hot brew but truly shines as an iced tea.


Jasmine Green Tea*, Lemongrass*, Clementine Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil.

Brewing Instructions

8 oz Cup

  1. Scoop a heaping teaspoon of tea into infuser.
  2. Heat water to 190° F (before boiling).
  3. Pour 8 oz. of water over tea leaves.
  4. Steep tea for 3-5 minutes (depending on taste preference).
  5. Remove infuser and enjoy tea.


Simply add to your infuser one heaping teaspoon of leaf per 8 oz. of water and place it in your pot, then add the appropriate amount of 190° F water and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove the infuser and enjoy.

Brewing Iced Tea

Our opinion is that a cooled concentrate works best, as regular-strength brew tends to become watery as the ice melts. So, use the above leaf quantities, but half the water, allow it to cool, then pour it over ice and enjoy! The brew will dilute down to proper strength as the ice melts.