Staff Favorites: Victor & Bombay Breakfast

Staff Favorites: Victor & Bombay Breakfast

Jun 23rd 2019

Victor's Staff Pick is BOMBAY BREAKFAST!

A common question here at the shop is “What's your favorite tea?” But that question can be hard to answer—it can change with the weather, or your mood, or even what you ate for breakfast. In this series, we asked our staff here at the Jasmine Pearl to talk about their favorite tea!

This month we asked VICTOR what his pick is. Victor is our new Wholesale Account Manager. Hailing from England, Victor comes to us with a seasoned background in food consulting. His pick of the month is Bombay Breakfast.

Bombay Breakfast

Why do you like it?
I like it for its warmth, spice and aromatic notes. It’s such a great in-house blend! I can never get enough cardamom.

How do you brew it?
Always hot at 208° (F), for 4-5 minutes with a heavy dash of warm milk and a smidgen of honey.

What does it remind you of?
When I was knee high to a grasshopper, I remember watching my mum make curries and being infused and surrounded by so many wonderful aromatic spices.

Is this tea particular to this season?
It’s great in the Fall and Winter but I tend to drink it hot all year round, whether it’s 30°, 50°, or 100° outside.

How does it make you feel?
It’s comforting and uplifting. It gives me an extra kick in my step (or extra step in my kick!?)

Does it help you do something?
It helps reset my compass and be open to possibility at the start of the day.

Do you pair it with food?
It’s great with a delicious piece of toast, preferably organic (like our teas), smothered with butter and homemade jam.


Malty organic Assam black tea, spicy ginger, aromatic cardamom, and sensual roses brew up a rich, tasty, full-nosed brew. Bold and satisfying, Bombay Breakfast is excellent as a morning tea with milk and sugar or as a complement to almost any dessert.