Sequim Lavender Festival

Sequim Lavender Festival

Jul 19th 2010
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We're back from the Sequim Lavender Festival! The festival took place this last weekend on the northern Olympic Peninsula of Washington in Sequim (for those of you unfamiliar with this town like I previously was, it's pronounced "sqwim"). Although there seemed to be less visitors than years past, we still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had fun talking to people about tea.


Purple Haze Lavender Farm, where we had our booth set up, was beautiful and I must say I didn't get tired of the scent of lavender that would drift over to our booth with each passing gentle breeze. The farm had red poppies mixed in with its lavender plants which provided a great contrast of color as well as a gorgeous sight to view the whole weekend.

We also lucked out with the weather - even though all three mornings started out foggy, by early afternoon that would lift to reveal perfectly blue skies. On Saturday we even sold out of all three kinds of our iced tea we were serving: Ginger Peach, Jasmine Harmony and Clementine Sunset! Being that it was the Lavender Festival all around town, our most popular seller by far was Jasmine Harmony since it contains dried lavender.

DSCN1413Each day at 2:00p.m. Heather did a tea demonstration and gave out free samples of our tea. On Saturday she even ended up doing a couple extra tastings because it was the day with the most visitors and the demos also helped to draw people in.

Overall, we're happy we decided to attend the Lavender Festival again after our hiatus from the previous year. It was nice to hear from many people that we were missed last year! I personally enjoyed the experience, my first festival and event with The Jasmine Pearl. Then again, who wouldn't want to spread joy through tea?