Organic Certification Update

Organic Certification Update

Feb 27th 2008

Our top priority for 2008 is completing the organic certification process for our tea blending facility. As many of our customers know, over half of our tea selection and nearly all of our herbs and spices are organically grown. The last step to acquiring the USDA Organic seal for our teas is to submit the paperwork and get our blending facility inspected.

We are about 90% with the paperwork. The plan was to complete the process in summer of 2007. Things were delayed by the need to attend to a substantial increase in new customers. Additionally, the introduction of new teas, increased the amount of paperwork to complete for this process.

After the holidays are over, our goal is to finish attending to these details, and to complete the final inpsection. We look to have our facility certified by early Spring of 2008. We are very happy to support organic growers around the world, and we all look forward to being able to assure customers and consumers of the organic integrity of our products at the Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants.