Construction Update #2

Construction Update #2

Jul 26th 2010

The buildout of the new space is going remarkably well! It's amazing how quickly things can go when you have very helpful and hardworking people like Chuck's parents, Pam and Fred, busy at the new location every day. They even constructed a one-of-a-kind tea bar for us! The bar is now in the space, but still has many elements that need to be added to it - including the concrete top that is going to be poured on Friday.


In addition to the bar, the bamboo flooring has been put in, all the walls are up and painted, the sinks are about to be installed and there's shelving ready to be put up. Everything is really coming along. We're all planning on moving to the new space in the next few weeks to get ourselves settled and set up before our grand opening, which we'll be having in the next couple months!

We'll keep you posted...