A Closer Look at our Chef's Grade Matcha

Oct 19th 2016

In continuation of Our Matcha Story we wanted to offer you a closer look at our Chef’s Choice Matcha. This matcha is available as pure matcha with no other ingredients and is the matcha we use in our Matcha Latte Mix. It is different from our ceremonial grade because it undergoes machine processing. It is a great option for cooking and using in lattes. Our ceremonial grade matcha is hand picked and ground by hand very slowly on a hand carved stone mill and has a more sweet and pleasant flavor when drunk with just water.

Our Chef’s Choice Matcha is grown and processed by the same company in the Kagoshima prefecture. We import the tea directly from them which is ground right before it is shipped to ensure freshness. They do not use pesticides on their tea plants. In 2004 they developed a unique method of keeping their plants pest free by inventing an artificial typhoon machine, which they named Hurricane Machine that uses wind and moisture to deter pests. They created this machine after they noticed their farm was completely free of pests after a typhoon struck.

Our Chef’s Grade Matcha is regularly tested by Eurofins and has been proven to be free of pesticides and radiation.

Our culinary grade matcha is perfect for smoothies, baking, and many other culinary uses. Try this unsweetened matcha latte recipe above.


1) Pre-warm your 16 oz mug with hot water.

2) Whisk one heaping teaspoon of Chef’s Grade Matcha with a bamboo whisk until smooth and slightly frothy.

3) Add 14 oz of steamed milk or milk alternative and enjoy!