Organic is Important. So why are we not certified?

Nov 4th 2020

Organic Tea Chota Tingrai EstateBuying organically produced foods is important. It is important not only for our health and the health of the planet, but it is also vitally important for the people and the communities who grow and harvest our food. It is because of these values that we have been a certified organic food processor since 2009.

So why are we making the decision to not renew our organic certification?
For the simple and most obvious reason, that we no longer have the resources and staff to do so.

What is changing with us at JP: You will no longer see the USDA Organic seal on our labeling. This is because we will no longer be paying for the annual certification, inspection fees and a percentage of all organic sales to our certifying agency.

What is not changing: The tea has not changed. We are still buying and blending the same teas and herbs that we always have, from the same trusted suppliers. Our commitment to wholesome and organically grown ingredients remains strong. We have trusted relationships with our suppliers, who themselves still maintain organic agricultural practices and who still carry their organic certifications.

We always try to operate with integrity and to always be transparent about how we run our company. This is why we decided to announce this change publicly as soon as the decision was made.

If you have any questions about the goings on at Jasmine Pearl, please reach out.

(Photo taken at the organic certified Chota Tingrai Estate during Chuck's recent trip to Assam, India.)