Stainless Steel Basket Infuser


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These infusers do not change the flavor of your tea, are easy to clean and are made from stainless steel. Even better, the holes are very fine, making the infuser perfect for brewing tea and herbs such as rooibos. After brewing in a mug or small teapot, the lid can be used as a drip tray. When finished, simply tap out used leaves into your compost or garbage, rinse the infuser, and allow it to drip-dry on your dish rack. FORLIFE Designs.


  • 2.5" deep without lid x 2.25" mouth.


EXTRA-FINE INFUSER : Stainless Steel
- Dishwasher-safe
- Condensed extra-fine holes to circulate the tea efficiently
- Handle for easy access to control infusing time

LID : Stainless Steel / Silicone
- Works as an infuser holder
- Dishwasher-safe
- BPA-free
- Heat resistant up to 120°C/248°F