The Evolution of our Retail Space

Mar 3rd 2019

Over the years our space has gone through several changes. When we first moved into the Bakery Blocks building in 2010, we were a much smaller operation. Our retail shop, break room, and main administrative offices all shared space. It wasn't an uncommon sight for a customer to see one of us pop out of our office to brew samples and bag tea.

The centerpiece of the tasting room has always been our giant beautiful tasting bar. This piece was built and formed onsite and was a major undertaking! This original cozy space served us well for five years.

Then in 2015, we underwent a major remodel. By this point our operations had outgrown our current square footage and we had to expand. One of the more dramatic changes was in our storefront. Our break room and offices were moved into our old warehouse space and in doing so this doubled the size of our retail space.

We installed a seating area as well as lots of retail fixtures, shop-able areas, and expanded drink options. With this new configuration we were able to offer a wider range of teas, teaware, and fun tea-related products. It also increased our ability to host tasting events and classes.

Fast forward four years to today.
We've just completed another remodel and another evolution of our space!

With this new iteration, we're refocusing on what we do best: providing our customers with quality loose leaf tea.

What we've gained is more space for tea and teaware, a more prominent events listing, and an increased emphasis on education for all things tea.

We thank you for your patience while we've been closed.
As of March 2nd, we're back open and we can't wait to show you our new retail space! See you soon!