Staff Favorites: Caleb and Jasmine Harmony

Jan 9th 2020

People always ask, “What's your favorite tea?” But that can be hard to answer—it can change with the weather, your mood, even what you ate for breakfast. This month we asked CALEB what his pick is. Caleb is our friendly and funny as hell delivery driver and warehouse assistant. He joined our staff a few months ago after moving all the way from the great panhandle state, Oklahoma. His pick is Jasmine Harmony.

If you could share this tea with any person (dead or alive, famous or not, fictional or real) who would it be?
I would share this tea with Louis Armstrong, paired with a joint of Oregon's finest "jazz cabbage".

What activities do you or would you like to do with this tea?
This tea is instrumental in providing the patience and alertness required for driving in Portland traffic. I also enjoy it while cycling.

What kind of person is this tea for?
I'd recommend this to anyone who appreciates floral flavors and aromas, especially those who need an invigorating post-lunch boost.

Where would your perfect place be to drink this tea?
Tangier, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, the crisp air filled with the aromas of a Moroccan curry stirring nearby.

How do you like to brew it? Have you used this tea in other types of infusions (like cocktails, food, bath products, etc.)?
I prefer brewing it over ice, but enjoy it hot just the same. For hot, I like to brew it at 190° (F) and let it steep for five minutes. I wouldn't advise against pouring a shot of dry gin into it.

Do you pair it with food?
I often pair it with a handful of granola or trail mix while on the road. It pairs especially nicely with the chocolate pieces in the trail mix, which I pick out of the bag like a four year old!

What flavor notes do you pull from this tea that others may not?
I taste a sweetness that resembles the bittersweetness of honeysuckle.

What other teas were your runner-up selections?
Bombay Breakfast, Lapsang Souchog, Yoga Blend.

Finally, if this tea were an animal, what animal would it be? Is it friendly or would it bite?
Jasmine Harmony would be a Gouldian Finch, and it would be the first finch known to snuggle—that is, until you cross the line.

Jasmine Harmony is a heady blend of jasmine green tea, fragrant lavender blossoms, roasted hojicha green tea, and zesty lemon myrtle. Its aromatic floral notes are accented with herbaceous and slightly camphoric flavors. Makes an excellent iced tea!

Jasmine Harmony