Staff Favorites: Ari & Green Jade

Apr 30th 2019

A common question here at the shop is “What's your favorite tea?” But that question can be hard to answer—it can change with the weather, or your mood, or even what you ate for breakfast. In this series, we asked our staff here at the Jasmine Pearl to talk about their favorite tea!

This month we asked Ari what his pick is. Ari is one of the newest additions to our staff—taking over the role of Wholesale Administrative Assistant! His pick of the month is Green Jade.

Yuzu Black

Why do you like it?
It’s naturally sweet, bright, floral, and slightly nutty. I love watching the agony of the leaves and it's a very forgiving tea to brew. Steeping the leaves multiple times brings out different notes and I can brew all day long!

How do you brew it?
I like it brewed lightly; my favorite is the second steeping.

Does it help you do something?
It helps me feel centered, engaged, and hydrated!

How does it make you feel?
It's multifaceted and does brilliantly year-round. It’s delicious cold brewed overnight for a sunny day.

Does it remind you of anything?
It reminds me of a stroll through a warm field in late summer harvest season.

A low-elevation, spring-plucked Taiwanese oolong, Green Jade undergoes medium-tight rolling and moderate roasting, which brings out a flavor and aroma of honey and cassia flowers, its aftertaste lingering long after the final sip. Produced around Ming Jian village in Nantou County, central Taiwan, Green Jade is a relatively new hybrid varietal, brought into being in recent years by the Taiwan Tea Experimental Station.