Earth Day & Our Commitment to Sustainability

Apr 18th 2019

Earth Day is just around the corner and now, more than ever, we have sustainable and environmentally friendly practices on our minds. One of the pillars of our company is incorporating sustainable practices into our daily work lives and supporting the initiatives of others who make these efforts as well.

So what DO we do for sustainability?

REUSE!  Most of the boxes or packing material we receive gets re-purposed. They get a second life in our blend room and warehouse, or sent back out in our own shipments and packages.

REDUCE!  We purchase our teas and ingredients in bulk to cut down on our number of shipments. This saves us and the customer money, and lowers our fossil fuel impact on the environment. We also try to purchase items and materials as locally as possible to both reduce carbon emissions and support local businesses.

RECYCLE!  What little material we can't reuse or re-purpose gets recycled. Ever wonder what happens to all of our used tea leaves? All of that material makes amazing compost!

THOUGHTFUL PACKAGING  In a move toward environmental sustainability, we created packaging that reflects the values of our company and our customers. Our Eco Canisters are made out of recycled and compostable materials. Check out more about them here.

SUPPORTING OTHERS' SUSTAINABILITY EFFORTS  When we look for farmers and producers to support, one of the things we consider, other than amazing tea quality, is how they give back to their community and region. We seek to partner with farmers that promote organic, environmentally friendly, sustainable initiatives both in their tea fields and in their local communities. In our own area and region we support partners like BARK Oregon and Growing Gardens whose missions are to care for the land and help others feed themselves healthy and sustainable food.

There are also retail offerings to help promote these values in our customers.

» We'll fill your empty Jasmine Pearl bags or whatever tin/container you store your tea in—and give you a 10% discount on that tea!

» Getting a cup of tea? If you bring in your own mug or tumbler, we'll take 50-cents off your cup of tea.

» For the weekend before and the day of Earth Day, we'll be running a sale. Bring in any old tea that you don't want to drink anymore (ours or any brand of tea) from April 20th-22nd and we'll collect and compost them — plus we'll give you a 15% discount* that day.

And this little bonus: That same weekend our Starter Kit (which comes with our favorite re-usable stainless steel infuser, a teaspoon, and tea tin) will be $5 off in-store & online!

Please join us this Earth Day (and really every day) in doing your part to help our planet!

*Discount does not apply to artist teaware or events and does not stack with other discounts.