2019 JP Staff Retreat

Aug 7th 2019

Last month, we took a day to sit down, put our minds together, and discuss our vision for the future of the JP at our annual Staff Retreat. JP co-founders Chuck & Heather hosted us in their beautiful home in the countryside for this opportunity to brainstorm exciting ideas for the business, and to reflect and reconnect as a team.

Besides our fluffy, one-eyed CEO & mascot Odie (and the taco bar) the true highlight of the day was Staff Valentines—30 minutes of big smiles and bright red faces as Heather read off a handful of heartfelt, hilarious "lovebombs" from each staff member's personal Valentine's card, which contained a collection of anonymous compliments from other staff members.

We learned that "probably half the staff secretly has a crush on Ari", that Burk is the "veritable guardian, protector and the sentinel of JP", that Bruce's bear hugs are universally renowned and Jade's animal noises are unrivaled, and that our sweater and sneaker (...and Croc) game are ON POINT.

We ended our day full of a renewed determination, tacos, and big ideas to implement in the coming year. Stay tuned!