Any tea can make a delicious iced tea in just 5 minutes. When making iced tea, the objective is to first make a double strength concentrate, then dilute it with cold water. Also try a cold brew process, leaving leaves in cold water and placed in your refrigerator overnight. Iced tea concentrate can be stored in your refrigerator for 48 hours.

Ingredients & Tools

To make a ½ gallon (64 oz or 2 qts) double concentrate, you'll need:

  • ½ cup of loose leaf for dense teas (i.e. black, green, oolong)
    OR 1½ cups for fluffier, less dense teas (i.e. white and some herbals)
  • 64-oz vessel for brewed tea (like our Takeya Iced Tea Pitcher)
  • Tea infuser or a large iced tea brewing bag
  • 32 oz of hot water
  • 32 oz of cold water
  • Ice cubes
  • Timer (optional)

For a single 16-oz serving, you'll need:

  • 2 tsp of loose leaf tea (see package label for recommended serving size).
  • Tea infuser - basket or paper
  • 16-oz glass/cup or other drinking vessel
  • A brewing vessel similar in size to your drinking vessel
  • Ice cubes
  • Timer (optional)


For ½ gallon (64 oz or 2 qts) double concentrate:

  • Heat water to suggested temperature for the type of tea you are brewing (see chart below or package labels).
  • Scoop dry tea leaf into infuser and place infuser in brewing vessel (pot, pitcher, or mug).
  • Fill the vessel just halfway with hot water, ensuring the tea leaves are fully submerged within the infuser.
  • Steep for desired time for desired strength of concentrate. More time = stronger brew.
  • Remove tea infuser.
  • Fill the remainder of the vessel with cold water.
  • Pour over ice and enjoy!

For a single serving:

  • Scoop dry tea leaf into infuser and place infuser into brewing vessel.
  • Fill the brewing vessel just halfway with hot water.
  • Allow to steep for 4-5 minutes, then remove tea infuser.
  • Fill your 16-oz glass or cup with ice.
  • Pour the brew over ice and enjoy!


  • Do not over-steep.
  • Remove the tea infuser when tea is finished brewing.
  • Use proper amount of leaf in proportion to hot water during brewing.

Temperature & Time

Black 190° - 200° 3 - 5 min
Green 160° - 190° 3 - 4 min
Oolong 190° - 200° 2 - 4 min
Puerh (Raw) 185° - 200° 3 - 5 min
Puerh (Ripe) 200° - 212° 3 - 5 min
White 190° - 200° 4 - 6 min
Herbal 200° - 212° 3 - 5 min


Making Simple Iced Tea

Our Favorite Teas Iced

These are a few of our favorite teas whose flavors are especially enhanced when served chilled.

*Spring/Summer Seasonal Tea (available April to September while supplies last).

**Fall/Winter Seasonal Tea (available October to March while supplies last).