Jasmine Pearl Kits
The Jasmine Pearl Starter Kit has all the essentials for someone just getting into loose leaf tea. The kit contains a durable stainless steel infuser, a teaspoon, and a tin to hold your tea—everything you need to get started!
33 Books Co.
33 Leaves of Tea Pocket Sized Tasting Journal  Never forget the teas you've tried again! A lovely way to have in-depth descriptions of each tea you try based on your own experience. Complete with flavor wheel, brew stats, and rating system...
Pearl Soda Company
Small-batch brewed, all-natural sparkling teas by our sister company, Pearl Soda Co. Vanilla Rooibos Organic South African redbush (rooibos) herbal tea and vanilla extract reimagine a cream soda that's satisfyingly indulgent without being overly...