Our hope is to provide an opportunity for you to enjoy your own personal retreat - a ritual of simplicity, intention, and taste.

The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company

From Heather Agosta, co-founder of Jasmine Pearl:

Since 2004 we've been importing and handcrafting specialty loose-leaf tea blends in Portland, Oregon. Our specialty is providing the highest quality teas and herbal tisanes to gourmet retailers, restaurants, spas and individuals. Most of our teas are harvested and blended in small quantities, which allows us to share the freshest rare and seasonal teas.

Chuck's tea exploration began with sampling many teas when fate led him to his first cup of jasmine pearls. He was in love! Witnessing the discovery was quite amazing. So dazzled was he by the intoxicating combination, that he would take pearls with him everywhere, sharing a cup with anybody who would have one. This sharing of tea with friends and strangers became a new dynamic in our social lives.

Beginning in October of 2002, we had the opportunity to spend several months traveling Europe and Morocco. And of course, we sought out tea houses. La Teteria El Banuelo, which is literally in the shadow of the Alhambra, in Granada, Spain, became the birthplace of our idea. Some years and a thousand cups of tea later, this passion has grown into The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants. We are proud to share with you our exciting discoveries. Join us for a taste!

Our Mission

Our love of tea began at different times: As a child, I would make tea with other little girls, and marvel at the many flavors it had to offer. For a rare treat, I would have tea with my grandmother, who shared a small piece of her Moroccan heritage by making mint tea...with lots of sugar. As an adult, I began exploring tea in new ways, from understanding how the leaves travel from the garden to the cup, to learning about the complex social history behind teas popularity. Today, I am still in awe of the endless array of flavors and rich cultural traditions of this singular beverage.

We have methodically tasted and studied thousands of different teas in the last ten years, in search of the most delicious and interesting examples available.

Every step of the way is taken with love and every blend we create is done with heart. Each of our teas is packed with care and we believe that our reverence to the art of tea and the cultures each tea represents, infuses them with a little something extra.