Organic Whole Herbs & Spices
Eucalyptus leaf (Eucalyptus globulus) adds an interesting and camphorous note to herbal infusions. Ingredients Eucalyptus Leaf*.*ORGANIC  
Organic Herbal Tea Blend
Blended to gently calm frazzled nerves and brighten blue moods. Specifically devised to combat a particularly unpleasant day, it seems to serve its purpose, as many people have attested. Our most popular blend. Caffeine-Free. Ingredients Chamomile*,...
Green Tea
First Flush Matcha is perfect for those who love to cook with this powdered green tea. Use it in smoothies, baked goods and any other recipes you can think of! Matcha is made of fine young tea leaves, shaded for 2-3 weeks, then plucked, heated,...
Black Tea Blend
A creamy, floral brew of malty black tea, lemon myrtle, lavender flowers, natural vanilla, honey and touch of citrus. Ingredients Indian Black Tea*, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Lemon Myrtle*, Clementine Essential Oil, Natural Honey Flavor, Lavender*...
Green Tea
This unique green tea has a rich, buttery aroma and a pleasant sweetness in the mouth, with the overall flavor reminding some of milk chocolate. To make the tea, the leaves undergo 10 hours of anaerobic oxidation. This happens inside of a chamber that...
Oolong Tea
A partially "oxidized", nugget-style tea grown at a low elevation in the foothills of famed Mount Ali in Chiayi County, Taiwan. It produces a caramel-colored, fragrant brew whose flavor is often likened to baked yams or ripe bananas. This tea contains...
Green Tea
Genmaicha (gen-my-CHA) might just possibly be the best way to introduce novice taste buds to green tea, as the flavor of the toasted rice bolsters the richness of the premium sencha base. It's an earthy, Japanese sencha with toasted rice lending a...
Organic Whole Herbs & Spices
Ginger (Zingiber officinale) makes a great infusion - spicy and pungent. Our cut Chinese ginger is ready for steeping or blending with other teas and herbs. Ingredients Ginger, cut and sifted*.*ORGANIC  
Organic Black Tea Blend
We've taken our Chaz Chai, a blend of northern Indian Assam black tea and house-roasted spices, and added ginger for an extra kick. Simmer or steep this blend which has a great body with a rice spice and heat. As with any chai, Ginger Chai is a treat...
Pearl Soda Company
All-natural, low-sugar Ginger Chai Concentrate Luscious, malty Assam black tea blended with house-roasted masala spices and boosted with ginger. Our rich, low-sugar, all-natural chai concentrate makes a quick and perfect tea latté every...
Organic Black Tea Blend
A luscious and fragrant light-bodied black tea with the sweetness of ripe peach, and the spice of ginger and cardamom. Delicious served hot or iced. Ingredients Indian Black Tea*, Ginger*, Natural Peach Flavor, Cardamom*.*ORGANIC Brewing...
Organic Puerh Tea Blend
Distinctly earthy with an unmistakable aged flavor. Loamy notes and the added spice of ginger root make this a unique brew for tea and coffee lovers alike. Robust and full. Extremely smooth for a loose leaf Puerh (pronounced POO-ar), it is known as a...
Black Tea
Golden Assam is a tippy, orthodox black tea with a spicier note on the tip of the tongue and deeper, richer smoothness than our traditional Assam. It offers a brisk, full-bodied brew with a very mild astringency. This tea is perfect for enjoying as a...
Herbal Tea Blend
Like the sun, Golden Fire is a source of vibrancy and warmth. It’s very spicy, caffeine-free, and especially tasty as a latte. At the heart of this herbal tea is turmeric—a sought-after ingredient we had previously reserved for a private...
Organic Black Tea
One of the finest black teas we have had the honor of tasting, golden needles are the fully oxidized young buds of Chinese tea plants from the Yunnan province. With flavor that reminds some of prunes and maple syrup, its quality surpasses most "golden...
Puerh Tea
2012 Vintage. A puerh that really has a fermented flavor, similar to wine or soy sauce, even in its aroma. It is a very pleasant and tasty brew that is sure to be enjoyed again and again. This is a "cooked" or "ripe" Puerh, meaning that the aging...
This BPA-free infuser makes it easy to brew tea. Fill the reservoir with tea leaves, add hot water, then set on top of a cup after the desired steeping time, and tea pours freely from below. Can also be used for coffee brewing (though we recommend...
Oolong Tea
A low-elevation, spring-plucked Taiwanese oolong, our Jade Oolong has undergone medium-tight rolling and medium roasting, which brings out both a flavor and an aroma of honey and cassia flowers. The aftertaste will linger for a few minutes after...
Whole Herbs & Spices
Greenbush, also called "green rooibos" (Aspalathus linearis), brews much like green tea, with a similar color and flavor, but with no astringency and no caffeine. Greenbush is indigenous only to the Cedarberg Mountain Range in Western South Africa...
Organic Green Tea
The classic Chinese green tea characterized by its smoky flavor, clean finish, and rolled nugget appearance. Watch it unfurl as it steeps. Ingredients Chinese Green Tea*.*ORGANIC Brewing Instructions 8 oz Cup Scoop a heaping teaspoon of tea...