SOLD OUT Mindfulness - Sho Do: Japanese Calligraphy as Meditation

Event Date:
February 22nd, 2020 (Saturday)
Event Time:
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Sho Do is an ancient form of Japanese calligraphy. This style of artistic writing has its roots in the Nara and Heian periods of Japan and over the centuries gained a strong connection to Zen Buddhism. Join Eri Luman in this meditative practice as you learn to find the meditative mind in the movement and process of calligraphy paintings as you express yourself with brush and ink. In this class you will use Japanese calligraphy tools to create with your mind and body together.

Ink, tools, and paper will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring their own tools and extra paper of their own to paint on. Experimentation and exploration are encouraged. Knowledge of the Japanese language is not necessary.

Please wear appropriate clothing. Ink may get onto clothing and stain it. Avoid flowing materials.


Eri Luman is from the small town of Kagoshima, Japan. She started to learn Japanese Calligraphy at seven years old, and expanded her experience by mounting scrolls, carving seals, etc. When she came to the US as a college student, she started to paint on different materials. She wanted to go beyond the limit of traditional calligraphy, to reflect the freedom from cultural norms she felt in the US. She focused on becoming one with the brush stroke; she found her artistic voice, and began to teach. Eri visually bridges the gap between the natural and material worlds through her use of colorful, textured papers and a variety of natural materials. Her skillful brushstrokes and non-traditional use of color express the fluidity of nature and the complexity of the human spirit, to bring harmony and balance to our often enigmatic lives.

"This meditation with calligraphy brush came from my Japanese calligraphy life and the meditative state that I feel during the painting process.

Doing calligraphy, I have noticed that painting itself is very meditative when the mind is free. One day, I was practicing calligraphy, then I started to wander off to paint anything. I started to move my brush according to my feelings. Then I felt no gravity. I was just one with the brush and felt so free and good! I was thinking nothing but just being there with the beauty of peace in my spirit. I realized that this is what I want to feel and do with Japanese calligraphy. Tradition is great to keep and I will continue to do so; however, I would like to extract the meditative process of calligraphy painting into Meditation. We can find the meditative mind in the movement and process of calligraphy paintings. Painting will take us there by just expressing ourselves with brush and ink.

The feeling of oneness is difficult to describe with words, so please come and try this new style of meditation. It uses Japanese calligraphy tools, but this is not calligraphy practice. This is not the class to learn ‘How to—‘. This is the time and space you create with your mind and body together. New to both meditation and calligraphy? No problem! It is not about knowledge but it is about your feelings and state of mind. Follow your inner guidance, then you will realize without knowing you are in the state of Meditation. Naturally take us to the state of Meditation without struggle."

Due to limited seating, cancellations require at least 24 hours notice before the start of the event in order to be considered for a refund.