Matcha Ceremonial Grade


This high-quality matcha is used for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, but is also a great way to start your morning or provide a pick-me-up at anytime of day.

Matcha is made of fine young tea leaves, shaded for 2-3 weeks, then plucked, heated, dried, and ground into a powder. The shading raises the chlorophyll content, giving the dried powder its deep green color, and also increases vitamin and amino acid content. As one is consuming the actual leaf, as opposed to drinking the brew steeped from the leaf, caffeine intake is higher, but available nutrient count is also elevated.

Comes in 1 ounce tin.


Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea from Nishio, Japan.

Brewing Instructions (single serving)

  1. Pre-warm your matcha bowl and bamboo whisk by placing your whisk in the bowl and adding hot water. After about 30 seconds, pour out the water.
  2. Place about 1 tsp. of Matcha into the bowl (or two heaping scoops if using a bamboo scoop).
  3. Pour 2 oz (¼ cup) of 170° F water into bowl.
  4. Using your whisk, quickly whisk the tea until a foam forms on the surface.
  5. Enjoy your matcha!