Kashmiri Chai Duo


This mini version of our Kashmiri Chai Gift Set includes a 2.5-oz canister of our Kashmiri Chai Green Tea and a Kashmiri Chai Scented Candle by Arcane Chemistry. Comes with gift bag and tissue wrapping paper.

Kashmiri Chai Scented Candle

The aroma of Kashmiri Chai contains warming spice notes of cardamom and clove combined with the floral notes of lavender and hints of almond. Arcane Chemistry makes natural and clean-burning soy wax candles in Salem, OR.

  • Made with 100% soy wax grown in the USA
  • 4 oz candle (20-25 hr burn time)

Kashmiri Chai Green Tea Blend (Certified Organic)

Our twist on a traditional blend from the Kashmir region! Hearty Gunpowder green tea is blended to perfection with spicy cardamom, peppercorns, and cloves with the sweet natural flavor of amaretto, and finished with fragrant lavender. This tea is outstanding on its own or steeped in milk with a dash of honey.

Chinese Green Tea*, Cardamom*, Peppercorns*, Cloves*, Lavender*, Natural Amaretto Flavor.

Use one level teaspoon per 8 oz of hot water at 195° F (before boiling). Steep for 3-5 mins. This tea can also be simmered in milk, then strained into your favorite mug!

Makes approximately 34 servings.