Global Tea Tour - Series

Must be purchased in advance. Not available same day.
Attendees receive 15% off in-store purchases on the day of the event.

TICKETS: $175 

Payment is required to guarantee your space in the class.

Enjoy the entire Global Tea Tour series and attend one class FREE!

Experts on various regions of the world have come together to share with you the history, art and love of tea from around the globe. Take the opportunity to sip on an array of teas and experience a range of traditional tea services.

Regions & Dates

East Africa October 13th (Sunday)

Sri Lanka October 19th (Saturday)

England October 27th (Sunday)

Taiwan November 2nd (Saturday)

Russia November 16th (Saturday)

China November 17th (Sunday)

India November 23rd (Sunday)

Japan November 24th (Sunday)

 All classes are 1:00-3:00 pm